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Oodles Of Poodles Mobile Grooming Spa was created to help those who want to spoil their dogs who do better with a one-on-one service. Our goal is to provide the best possible care possible in a relaxing and spa-like setting. At Oodles Of Poodles, your dog’s health and safety is most important! Only the highest grade shampoos and conditioners are used to ensure your pooch is kept at their most beautiful and are healthy as possible. Your groomer known in the Enumclaw, Maple Valley, and Buckley area and has been certified in many different AKC safety certification courses, including but not limited to AKC S.A.F.E, Handling, AKC Puppy safety handling, and AKC Cat Grooming Safety, as well as multiple certifications on pet nutrition, skin and hair health, and Coat care, pet nutrion and more. We are constantly broadening our education to provide your dog with the utmost  best experience possible.

All equipment is cleaned and sanitized  with pet safe and AKC approved cleaners between each and every pet to help keep your dog healthy and happy! We also defuse pet safe certified tested grade essential oils and play relaxing music to help keep your pet calm during the grooming  process. Giving them the spa day they deserve is why we exist!

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