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The Answers You Need

What is required to schedule my first appointment?

We ask that you click on the "Book Now" button and create your profile, your dog's profile and sign our consent form.  Please read through the whole thing and initial at each section as it has all of our policies and gives us permission to work on your dog. Adding a picture will give us more of an idea of what to expect so we can plan accordingly.

Let us know of any behavioral issues or special needs. We also ask that you provide us with as much info on the dog's health as possible!

We do require a down payment for your first appointment before your appointment is confirmed. This is the lowest quoted price and it goes directly towards your first appointment as long as you don't cancel or no show. We do ask that you keep an up-to-date card on file. You will be notified prior to any charge and you will be sent a recept afterwards. If you are no longer a client and all your bills have been paid in full, you can email us requesting we remove your card on file. 

When scheduling, please be sure to select the proper Spa Day Package so we can be sure to have enough time to complete the service. Incorrect scheduling may be denied due to time limits. If you have any quiestions, please don't hesitate to ask!

 We will send you a confirmation text prior to your appointment, we ask that you confirm and let us know of anything out of the ordinary. 

All dogs are required to be up to date on their rabies vaccine according to Washington State Law!


Please be sure your dogs are up-to-date prior to scheduling and you have proof of so. If you're not sure, call your vet and have them email you a copy.

We do require the certification from the vet. A hard copy or a photo of it on your phone is acceptable, as long as we can see the vet, owners name, dog's name and the esperation date.  We are unable to call them or take the dog's tag as it does not give an exact date. Please plan accordingly! If you can not provide this information, your appointment will be considered a no-show and you will be charged a cancelation fee.

Puppies under 6 months are exempt from getting their rabies shot.

PLEASE NOTE: We DO NOT work on dogs within 72 hours of ANY shot or blood draw in case of a reaction or sensitive spots.

Since your name is Oodles Of Poodles, does that mean you only groom Poodles?

Although we absolutely love poodles, we also love and serve all dog breeds. Our owner fell in love with poodles after beginning her grooming career and has been obsessed with them ever since! She named this company in honor of her 4 personal poodles that she has owned. They are the mascots of the company and are in the logo! You can often find her current boy in the salon with her.

What is your cancelation policy?

Please communicate with us prior to your appointment so we can help work something out with you. To help keep business moving smoothly, we do have a strict 15 minute late policy. If we do not hear from you within that time, your appointment will be canceled and be considered a no-show and we will charge the card on file. If you are taken in after the 15 minute grace period, there will be an additional fee and the groom may not be fully done. We have a strict 48 hour cancellation policy. If you need to cancel or reschedule within that time, 50% of the appointment will be due.
If you no-show, this fee plus a deposit of 50% of your next appointment will be required to reschedule. the 50% will go twards your next scheduled appointment. 2 no shows in a year require appointments to be paid for at scheduling.

Emergencies are an exception as long as there's some form of communication prior to the appointment time. 3 no shows will release you from service.

 If the weather is bad or you have an emergency, please communicate with us ASAP or it will be considered a no show!

How does scheduling work and how do you price your services?

We book dogs accordingly to their needs. We do them straight through and try to get full haircuts done in 90 mins-3hours. You will be contacted within an agreed time frame prior to them being done. We kindly ask you to avoid letting them see or hear you if they are still being worked on. Failure to do so may make it unsafe to finish the groom and they will be sent home unfinished at the owners cost. We do require curly coated dogs to be on a 4-8 week schedule, unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon with your groomer. 

We base our grooming  prices on weight, height, breed, hair type and condition, and behavior. Dogs are weighed in at the beginning of each appointment, so your dog's base prices may fluctuate if their weight does.

For a rough estimate, please give us a call or shoot us a text 253-283-3647. Please leave us a message if we don't answer and  be patient as we don't answer  if we have a dog enjoying their Spa Day on the table. Remember, safety is our #1 priority!

To show our appreciation, we proudly offer a discount of 10% off of your base price and nails to military, first responders, and anyone over the age of 65 with proper ID. We also have a referral program that can get you free add ons to your dog's Spa Day! 

Are you taking new Doodle clients?

Doodles are the new fad and we love them!

Unfortunately they are a lot of work and take hours to complete. Due to this, we limit ourselves to 2 doodles a day.

We are taking doodles at this time but we do require them to be on a 4-6 week schedule unless otherwise determined by your groomer. Due to them taking so long, they tend to be more pricey, please keep this in mind when booking.

Can my puppy get a haircut?

A puppy's first few times with a groomer can make or break them for life! That's why we suggest getting them in as soon as they have their 2nd round of shots. We do not give puppies full haircuts their first time with us unless they are matted! We practice with the Puppy Package until they understand and are comfortable with the process. They most likely won't be perfect, but they will be cute! You will be set homework to practice at home to help them along faster. Remember constant repetition will help them desensitize faster!  Once they are okayed by your groomer, then they can get a full haircut. Together, we will set them up for a lifetime of success!

 What’s the difference between brushing and dematting?

Up to 15 minutes of brushing is included in every Spa Day service. We use the right kind of brushes your dog’s coat type requires to remove their dead coat, It can take out small normal day to day knots. This process is not painful for your dog. Most dogs actually enjoy this part of the groom as a lot of our tools provide a massage like feel to them! 
Dematting is where we break a mat through the use of different dematting tools. It can be stressful and possibly painful to your pooch. This is why we DO NOT exceed more than 20 minutes of dematting. We are here to help your pet out as much as we can in the short time we have together, so sometimes it’s best to just know when to press the reset button and just shave it all off. 

Please note that we do have a dematting fee based on how bad the coat condition is at check in. If it is pelted and or the skin is irritated, a mandatory medicated or healing bath will be added to their final cost.

My dog needs to be sedated for him to not be scared of the groomer, is that ok?

We ask that you kindly DO NOT sedate your dog unless completely necessary! We do our best to provide naturally calming techniques to help them. If anything, we suggest CBD as this is a natural and safer relaxant than a lot of the seditives we've seen in the past. Sedated dogs can become aggressive without warning, even with no previous history of aggression, they can stop breathing and have their heart stop due to stress. Sedation medication is also extremely hard on a dog's body.

For these reasons, we DO NOT work on sedated dogs, unless deemed absolutely necessary for their groom and the CBD didn't work for them. Sedated dogs who have not been okayed will be turned away and the appointment will be cancelled at owners expense. We hold the right to stop a groom if they start to act off due to any sedation. 

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