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Spa Day Services
Treat your dog to the S
pa Day they deserve!


At Oodles Of Poodles, we believe that your dog deserves to be pampered and loved as if they were ours. Your groomer goes through continuous training to better her knowledge and make your grooming experience the best it can be! She currently has 9 certifications in proper safety, health, and knowledge that will help keep your fur babies not only looking good, but staying healthy as possible. Every dog is given extra love and care for their personalized grooming session. Only the best grooming supplies are used with safety and comfort in mind! Extra steps are taken to help your little one stay safe and happy while they're in our care! 

Additional Charges

  • Traveling fee-$10

  • Special handling- $5+

  • Dematting- $1/min up to 20 mins 

  • Shaving out mats- $5-$50    depending on severity

  • Extreme desheding- $5-$20 depending on extremity

  • Extra Brushing- $1/min

  • Hand scissoring- $1/min

  • Flea Tick Bath ($10-$50 depending on the severity of the infestation)

  • Tick Removal-$1/tick plus Flea tick bath price

  • Rebathing-$10

  • Medicated and Healing baths-$5-$20

  • Bite fee-$5-$20 depending on severity

  • In heat fee- $5- $10 depending on severity

  • Late fees- $1/min after 15 mins for drop off. $1/min after 30mins at pick up

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